On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 03:59:46 +0000, new guy wrote:

>> CIDR notation (what you called slash format) tells you only one thing,
>> the number of significant bits used to identify a network.

> No, that's not what the slash format tells me. i.e. tells me
> that the second octet and 2 bits from the third octet were borrowed to
> create subnets.

In this particular case you can tell, because is special, but
in general you cannot make such observations.

>> Stating something is class A/B/C can be confusing when its not clear
>> if you are simply specifying the netmask vs. depending upon classful
>> behaviour so in general if all you want to convey is the netmask CIDR
>> is preferred.

> You are just complicating things unneccessarily ....

No, he is spot on.

Redundancy is a great way to introduce more single points of failure.