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> This thread is an interesting one, and not just because of the various
> demonstrations of frustration (either with libpcap or with skybuck ;-)
> Everyone seems to accept the reality that, for various reasons, not all
> packets will be captured.
> I am wondering, how can we do the best job to capture as many (drop as
> few) packets as possible?
> I collect a lot of network captures taken by other people. Some of
> these demonstrate very high-performing sniffer systems. Others, not so
> much.
> Does anyone have any clues about the best way to capture as many
> packets as possible?

Yes ditch the junk called windows, tcp/ip stack etc and write your own
networking code.

I have no troubles capturing my own network tools output 100% perfectly.

Ofcourse if you are not a programmer you are in a bad position