In a Neighbor Advertisement, a router can advertise prefixes. For each
prefix that a router adevertise, they are two flags
(AdvOnLink and AdvAutonomous).

When both flags are "on" (AdvOnLink=on and AdvAutonomous=on),
it is clear to me. Hosts that go to autoconfiguration process must
generate an IPv6 address from the prefix (AdvAutonomous=on) and
must put the prefix in the prefix list (AdvOnLink=on). The meanning
is that the host belong to the network (that correspond to the prefix)
and must send packets directly (must not use the help of a router)
to other hosts that are in the same network.

What is the meaning of the other possibilities ????? In witch case it
is necessary to use the other possibilities ?????
- AdvOnLink=on and AdvAutonomous=off ????????????
- AdvOnLink=off and AdvAutonomous=on ????????????

Help will be very appreciate,
Thank you very much.