I need a small clarification on Router LSA discussed in RFC2328(Section page130).
Ia Ib

1. Ra and Rb are OSPF routers connected over point to point links.
2. Ia and Ib are the interfaces ip addresses of each of the routers.
The interfaces are unnumbered and are assigned ip addresses with a
netmask of 32.

>From my understanding of RFC2328, router LSAs of Ra should contain-

a. A link of type point-to-point with Link ID set to Rb and LinkData
set to Ia.
b. A link of type stub network with LinkID set to Ib and LinkData set

This is assuming that we are following the option 1 for stub

Question 1:
Shouldnt we advertise the interface Ia in the router LSA of Ra with a
cost of 0? I am unable to find any indication about that from the RFC.

>From my understanding, it looks like its required for the correct

calculation of cost if there are 3 nodes. Or am I missing something??

The RFC2328 talks about two options for router LSA stub networks. Is
there any restrictions on their use? If we have a mix of routers
advertising router LSA containing stub networks with option 1 and
option 2 in the network, how will they interoperate?

Any help regarding will be greatly appriciated..