jwhiteuwc wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestion.
> So would this be the setup?
> VoIP phones:
> 192.168.0.x mask:
> Gateway
> Computers: 192.168.1.x Mask:
> Gateway:
> Here's the question:
> Will both routers be plugged into the same switch and traffic will just
> be sent down the correct router and gateway specified by the device?

Why use two routers at all? One router with 2 inetfaces (or 3 for 2 lans
plus internet) Or use one router with just 1 interface that supports
tagged vlans natively. Plug that one interface into the switch, and set
it up as tagged...

Yes, you could have everything plugged into that one switch. So long as
you make sure the vlan port mappings are set correctly on it.

> How about using DHCP, wouldn't this pose a problem?

No, why?

> I would have to do
> static mappings or reservations for everything, right?\

No. Why would you?

> I can't have 2
> DHCP servers on the same LAN, right?

Correct. But the above example is 2 lans. You can do it with just one
DHCP server with a connection to each lan, or two seperate servers, or
one server and a forwarder. But they key concept is that when you break
it up at layer 3 as above, it is now > 1 lan (in this case, it is now 2