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>Walter Roberson a écrit :
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>>> I want to know if it's possible to spoof an ip over internet (not local
>>> network) for a tcp connection
>>> I know that's very difficult nw to get the seq number received from
>>> server (tcpdump -> good luck)
>>> so I post here to know if somebody has discover another technique to
>>> spoof ip or to get the seq number ???

>> Yes.

>tanks for your response

>if you say YES so what is this new technique to spoof ip ???
>I'am not waiting for yas or no; i want to know how to do it

Your question asked "if it's possible", not how to do it.

People in this newsgroup and in newsgroups such as seldom post exploit code. There are various
reasons for that.

For example, what would my legal liability be in (say) San Salvador if
I here in Canada posted information that allowed someone to disrupt
systems in that other country? Now for San Salvador substitute
China, which literally has the death penalty for a number
of computer-related offences. Then there's the rather strict
provisions in the USA Digital Millenium Copyright Act about security
research except (in limited form) by official security researchers.

If you want to know what is happening in TCP and security, read
the scholary journals and refereed papers, and proceedings of
security conferences such as Blackhat/Defcon .