Dear TCP experts,
This is Venkat.

In our network setup a client process is trying to connect to a server listening on 3868 port.
But after sending SYN, client sending RST.

During this time I had taked truss log for the server process.Where i did not see any system calls related to TCP.This means connection information is reached to server right.
When I check the tcp_listen_hash q reached max:
root@node102> /usr/sbin/ndd /dev/tcp tcp_listen_hash
TCP zone IP addr port seqnum backlog (q0/q/max)
275 300188bb880 0 ::ffff: 03868 00008419 0/11/11

Can you please let me know why this problem is arrived and hot to make the process accepting the incoming connections without restarting the server process?

Thanks & Regards,