I would appreciate you comments on the following. Sorry about its length.

I have one Windows 2000 network (10.0.0.x) with approximately 200 hosts.
The network spans two distant sites (A & B) and is connected by a very slow
connection. Unfortunately cost prohibits us doing anything about this.

What I want to do is split the network into two sites with the main aim of
reducing traffic between the two. To do this I will be putting in a
secondary domain controller at site B to privide authentication and DHCP
services to clients at site B and to provide failover services for site A
(and visa versa for site B). There are also several other servers at site A
which will remain but need to be available to clients at site B. What is
more, I have installed a second phone line at site B to handle the Internet
connectively for that site.

Here is my plan. Can you tell me if this will
a) Allow clients at A or B to see the servers at the other sites
b) Allow failover for A to B or B to A
c) work?

Site A:
Router ???????????
Firewall 10.0.0.x
Servers 10.0.0.x
Clients 10.0.0.x Default GW =

Site B
Router ???????????
Servers 10.0.1.x
Clients 10.0.1.x Default GW =
Firewall 10.0.1.x

I really appreciate any advise or help.

Kind regards,