I have a Windows 2003 server in a Domain.. this server is Secondary
DNS server for my domain. In the connection's DNS properties, even
though its the secondary dns server for our domain, it looks to itself
for DNS first, then to the real primary DNS server, since the Primary
DNS server feeds it DNS information anyways.

I didn't make any changes to any settings, hardware, or software.. I
rebooted. Now the lan connection is connecting, staying connected for
less than 2 seconds, and disconnecting for about 1 second, then
reconecting, and repeating.. The server was using a secondary Gig NIC
while the on-board was disabled. I've tried every combination of Gig
nic / on board nic / switch ports / new cords.

I've reinstalled TCP/IP on the server using netsh winsock reset, and
also have updated drivers for all NICs. Nothing is showing in the
eventlog beyond the "LAN Connection xxxx has been disconnected"
followed by a reconnect message. Device Manager is also OK.

I looked at the switch's interface and no collisions are occuring.

Where can I look to solve this?