whois.arin.net lets me perform searches by OrgName by doing
".OrgName". Is there a way to conduct similar searches on
whois.ripe.net? "-i descr OrgName" doesn't seem to work...

And speaking of searching by OrgName, whois.arin.net's searching seems
to be limited. + yields an OrgName of "Information
Systems, U.S. House of Representatives", even though a search for
".House of Representatives" only yields one result - "House of
Representatives Computer Center". I don't suppose there's a better
way to search it?

Also, say I wanted to lookup the IP addresses associated with a
particular organization. I do a search for their name and get their
OrgID (say ISUHR). How might I correlate that to their IP addresses?
One would think that typing in "!ISUHR" might work, but it doesn't.
In fact, it seems to give the same output that you'd get if you did a
search for OrgName and only got one result back. (And it doesn't seem
that you can get multiple results back with this query, either - "!
ISU" yeilds one result, as well).

Anyway, I ask because I'm trying to figure out how WikiScanner
() works. There, if I type in "house
representatives", I got a bunch of OrgNames and their respective
ranges. Yet I can't do that with the individual whois servers?