Hi everyone,

I've written a program for network monitoring and control that may be
of interest to the readers of this newsgroup.

The project is open-source, and can be browsed/downloaded at

In its simplest form, Azinix can monitor interfaces, similar to
tcpdump, and Snort. It can be used inline, and offers access control,
rich forms of QOS, packet forwarding, crypto, and compression.

The manual is the best place to start: http://azinix.sourceforge.net/docs/manual.pdf

I would appreciate feedback, particularly w.r.t. extensions that may
be useful,



ps - a quick blurb from the project's homepage

The key advantages of Azinix include

Performance: Azinix supports Gigabit speeds on cheap commodity

Scalability: Azinix suffers no performance degradation as the number
of rules and the size of the network increases

Flexibility: Azinix can implement arbitrary user-defined actions, in
the form of scripts or dynamically linked compiled code

Ease-of-use: The Azinix user interface is based on Tcl, which
simplifies interfacing, scripting, and prototyping.