Can you please help?

With starting up there is no problem with sound. Some MP3 's (allways the
same) at Kafeine (0.8.6, using KDE 3.5.9 release 49.1) are now distorted,
some are still good.

With MPlayer video (GUI development sponsored by UHU Linux
( and Adobe flashplayer 10 there is a problem with
sound. It is now very soft after a crash with Skype chat/sound. Skype did
not work anymore, so I downloaded the newest version. Skype works again
well. Before the crash all sounds worked fine.

Yast-->Hardware sound shows two cards. SBLive!5.1 Model SB0100 not
condigurated. If I try to install that does not work. The test button does
not give sound too.
ECS K7SOM+ motherboard is configurated. If i configure again, the test
button gives good sound.

I deleted the flashplayer with Smart and installed it again. No use

Did not do that yet with MPlayer.

I repaired Suse 11.0 with the DVD. No problems there.
I tried all buttons on KMix no effect.

Do you have any ideas?

Any ideas?