Hi there,

I'm trying to copy/read/open a theme file on my Nokia phone, over
Bluetooth from openSUSE 11. I'm able to use kio_obex ioslave to
pair with the phone, and copying/deleting/pasting files works apart
from the one I need to read...all attributes on this file are set
to 'Forbidden', even root cannot change those as its not possible
to edit perms over kio_obex protocol KDE tells me...

What can I do? I want to analyze this file so I can learn to make
my own custom themes - the Nokia defaults are ugly, and ones I've
downloaded do not always work because they're designed for the same
screen resolution, but this phone does not use all the features in
those themes and Nokia support documentation does not say what I
need to do to write a valid xml to define the themes for the
particular phone...

Kind regards,

Chris Wilkinson, Edinburgh.