good day

I have a problem with my opensuse installation. I've installed it
yesterday on my WD-Passport external hard drive, as you instructed me,
the boot loader is (or was) on the external hard drive, for boot loader
I've used LILO. Now when I attempt to boot either system (windows on my
internal drive, or opensuse 11.0 on my external drive) i get following
When I attempt to boot windows, lilo starts to show but only the first
letter L then numbers 07 and than it just keeps writing those numbers
on the screen
When I try to boot opensuse I get same thing only the number is 01.
Even when I disconect the external drive I can't get to my windows system.
I've tried to reinstall the boot loader couple of times with no result
at all.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance,