I'm trying to get a BJC-4200 printer to work via CUPS with SLES 10.

I see that the 4200/600 driver is what is "preferred" when I add a new
printer via YaST. However, when I test print, I get no activity and a
hung job in the queue.

Via the YaST interface, the queue name is bjc4200, the device is /dev/
lp0, the model is BJC-4200 and the Default Queue is default.

When I click on "Test" via Yast and try either graphical or text
printing, I get the message that the printing should start in a few
seconds but it does not. However, when I click "Stop," I hear a beep
from the printer. I have tried following the instructions to reboot
the printer, to no avail.

I've been searching on linux, SuSE, and BJC-4200 but have not found a
solution yet. The printer was working on a PC (Windows-based) as
recently as a week ago (the Windows machine HD died).

I have also tried installing the printer from GNOME Control Center and
tried to print a test page as root, as well as a user, and from Open

Are there any other suggestions or tricks?