Hello folks!

Here is my situation:
I am administering a samba fileserver with 1 Terrabyte of user data. The
data is stored on a RAID5. The partition uses raiserfs as a filesystem and
is 1 Terrabyte big. The disk uses a MBR disklabel. The OS is SuSE-Linux
8.2-32bit with kernel 2.4.20. I am using Samba 2.2.a-SuSE

Now I have a new linux box as a replacement for the old server. It has a
RAID6, the partition is 10 Terrabyte and formated with XFS filesystem. The
disk uses a GPT disklabel. The OS is openSUSE 11-64bit with kernel I am using Samba 3.2.3-0.1.

What I want to do:
I want to safely and correctly copy the files from the old server to the new
server and replace the old machine by the new one. After this the new
machine should function again as a samba-PDC and serve the files to the
windows clients, exactly as it's predecessor did all the years.

How should I copy the files from old server to new server in the best and
most secured way, so that everything is exactly as before, concerning also
e.g. file permissions, attributes, etc? Also there should be a CRC check
when files are copied so that I am sure that everything is ok 100%
My idea was to use RSYNC. Is that the best solution?

Since the old server has only a 100MBit NIC i was thinking about to install
the old RAID controller with it's disks into the new server and make a local
copy from controller old to controller new, instead of using the network. Is
that a good idea?

Gererally: Is there anything that you could warn me off or that I should
keep in mind? E.g. the different operating system bitsizes (64bit vs.
32bit)? Or the different filesystems (raiserfs vs. XFS)? Is it maybe better
not to do the local approach but to use the network approach instead because
of some problems that may occure?

Thank you for any hint or peace of advice!!!

Best regards

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