I myself run W2K in a virtual machine, and it is my base windows install
which I use for all windows development (which now mainly is compiling and
debugging on it. *Writing* the stuff is done on linux, in KDevelop

The poor WinXP laptop gets switched on very rarely, to test if all stuff
runs OK on XP too (it *does* happen that the two react slightly different,
and it is difficult to find and program around if they do)
In my opinion, W2K was the best windows ever, far better than XP, and not to
mention this garbage they named Vista


I have done several wireless installs by now (for XP). Two of them in my own
home, as both my wife and my daughter have XP on their laptops (my daughter
has SuSE on her desktop system as well)

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Strange then that my windows box demands a reboot after practically *every*
update. Even just simply *installing* software will often ask for a reboot.
Including software from MS

And no, this is not Win3.1
It is WinXP SP2


I earn *part* of my living *programming* (not using) windows
When I am "using" an OS, it is certainly not windows