The sound works doing the play sound test under the Yast sound setup.

On a desktop 11.0 I'm currently playing a local copy of the same CD in .ogg
currently via Amarok with the GStreamer/Yauap engine.

I have copied some of the files from the same desktop collection to the
laptop, and Amarok refuses to play them, saying the media could not be
loaded (not playable). That Amarok has and won't let me change

Per Yast, Amarok-yauap and GStreamer are both installed.

I can play the same files in Realplayer - but I would rather avoid a
propretary package, especially that one.

I did get one error during the install - with libraries for xine.
I used the same install multi-media install procedure as I did with the

Yast says the sound card is ES1988 Allegro-1 and driver is snd-maistro3.

Perhaps there was a repository causing problems, as other people have
recently had.