I'm trying to get an Avermedia a800 tv adapter working on a Suse 11
(i586) system. I've managed to get as far as getting the adepter to scan
for channels, but when trying to play a channel I get a message that says
that kaxtv.ts (and kaxtv.ts for radio) are not present. These files
exist, but are zero length (ie empty).

I understand that I need the library libxine1 to provide these codecs,
and have used YaST2 to get them. When requesting the DVB library,
libxine1 is automatically added as a dependency. However, when I try to
download this I get the message libxine1-1.1.15-0.pm.1.i686 obsoletes xin-
lib provided by xine-lib-1.1.12-8.1.i586. The options are to not load
these, or replace the old library.

As I need the codecs, I 'tick' replace the library, but when hitting 'ok,
try again' the radio box is cleared, and the original error message is
displayed. There doesn't seem to be any way to get it to load the new

How do I get by this impasse to load the new codecs, or are there any
other ways of getting kaxtv.ts and kaxtv1.ts in place? The only things I
can find are referring to a bug which give these symptoms. but the bug
report is nearly two years old, and I can't see that it should be still

Many thanks