Somehow, all of the kind advice that I garnered from this group
regarding my inability to use 32bit SimpleLabeler for Lightscribe on
my 64bit platform did not work out. Then, while browsing through the
Ubuntu forum, there was a thread which claimed to have accomplished
just that on their 64bit OS. So, why not give it a try?

I installed the 64bit Ubuntu in a spare partition, and it put in its
own GRUB menu, after scanning my drives. There was a lot of garbage
left over from past installations reposing there. However, when I
followed the Ubuntu forum instructions, I still did not see the
Lightscribe programs at all. Somewhat discouraged, I re-booted back
into openSUSE 11.0 from their GRUB menu. As the entries were zooming
by, I saw my old openSUSE 10.3! Departing quickly from 11.0,
I attempted to boot back into 10.3, and it worked. Both Lightscribe
applications were still there and they both work as before!

Moral of the story: Always look for hidden treasures among garbage.