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>>Caught this rather embarrassing (for Roy) exchange on BN:

>>Roy Schestowitz's credibility is 0.

> I'm kind of curious as to who he is in actuality. He has been criticized as
> being a perpetual student, but the UofManchester directory classes him as
> "Other" when they have explicit categories of undergraduate, postgraduate,
> and faculty/staff. If he is none of the above, what status does he really
> have? Richard Stallman has long traded on some vague association with MIT
> even though he has no degrees from MIT nor is he a faculty or staff member
> there. Is Shestowitz doing the same with Manchester?

Check this link out:


"am a Ph.D. student at The Victoria University of Manchester, expecting
completion in 2006. I work on a MIAS IRC research project at Imaging
Science and Biomedical Engineering, which is a division of the Faculty of
Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy. I am employed on a casual
employment basis at Manchester Computing and I also retain some duties at
HoRNet support. Prior to this I studied software engineering at the
Department of Computer Science (home of the "Baby", headed by my project
supervisor, Prof. Chris Taylor OBE) where I was involved in a couple of
projects and where, as an external student, I still perform many of my
experiments with AART/MARS."

Other means he is probably not full matriculated.
Meaning he is still "trying to find himself".

IOW a loser.

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