Just gave back my friends laptop today and thought I might share a little
tip. I was trying to add a desktop shortcut to KDE 4.1 but I couldn't
figure out the proper way to do this. I dragged an executable on to the
desktop but this was not the optimal way to do it. No user definable icon.
I stumbled upon the correct way by doing what us hackers do
best....hacking. In the old kde (3.5.x) you could right click anywhere on
the desktop and do a 'Create New -> Link To application'. Now I don't
know if this changed because the default desktop doesn't behave the same or
if there is even a way to change that (yet) but here's the way I did it.
If you right click at the very right of the KDE panel you get the
familiar 'Create New -> Link To Application'.. Then just do the usual.
This will create a desktop shortcut 'in your desktop folder' !!! Now just
drag the shortcut onto the desktop... That's it. Seems this is weird but
maybe there's a way to change this behavior that I haven't figured out yet.
Anyway I hope this helps anyone who might want to create a desktop shortcut
on a KDE 4.1 desktop.

P.S. In an earlier post I mentioned that I was getting really PO'd about
the trackpad on a Fujitsu Lifebook laptop not working properly with the
(KDE-3.5.9/4.1) desktop. I finally logged into Gnome, FVWM, Enlightenment,
IceWM,etc... and the trackpad worked fine in all of these. So it seems to
have been a KDE problem only. I'm not sure exactly what fixed it but while
logged into the Gnome desktop the openSUSE updater updated some programs
and when I logged back onto the KDE desktop (3.5.9 and 4.1) the trackpad
worked o.k. All is well and I didn't have to take out my trusty sledge
hammer after all... ;-)