Hi All,
Does anyone know about, or have they noticed, a difference in the
behavior of kdesu in SUSE 11.0 / KDE3.5.9?

In the past few releases (possibly starting at 10.2), if you had a user
set up in sudo, when launching a command that required root, you would
use *your* password, not root's to run the command.

However in 11.0, this behavior seems to have disappeared. I now have to
enter the root password to run YaST (for example).

Has something intentionally changed in 11.0? Is there something I have
to set to regain this behavior?

NB 1. My /etc/sudoers conf from my previous 10.3 install had to be
recreated as I had some NOPASSWD entries that no longer worked (other
entries seemed OK). There was a sudoers.rpmnew file that I used as the
base and copied my entries from my old sudoers over. It all seems to
work fine again now. I haven't worked out what the actual difference was
as yet.

NB 2:
I have set group wheel to be able to sudo all commands. ie:
%wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL

groups david
david : users dba dialout video wheel www domadm

I can sudo commands (with my password). I can't kdesu commands with my
password though.

David Bailey
david _AT_ bailey dot id dot au