Very soon it will be possible to have new users force to change the
password by default. This can be especialy interesting for people who
have many users.

It is already possible for 11.0 if you do some work around:

Unfortunatly the bug was just too late to be included in 11.0, but will
make it to 11.1. I understand that this will not be used for many
people, but it might be interesting for those who have more then one
user to add.

At this moment you need to add it for each person, but I requested the
ability to have it as default.

The reason for this should be obvious. An admin should NOT ever never
know the password of the user. Everything he needs to do should be
possible without the knowledge of the password of the user.

If you sysadmin asks your password, he is either lazy or does not know
how to do his job.

Anyway, this is just to show that if you file bugreports as
enhancements, they can be included. The worst that can happen is that
either they ignore it, because there are other things more importand, or
they say they won't do it.

That is the wordt that could happen to you.

The worst that could happen to everybody ios that you have a great idea
and don't file a bugreport so it won't be implemented. So opensource
your ideas and file bugreports.

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