I have been using seamonkey on suse 10.3 and 11.0, , on comcast for 2
years, no problem sending mail. Now I can't send mail.
Comcast was no help, as usual. I checked google and the problem was
that comcast does'nt use port 25 for smtp.comcast.net server,
they use port 587, So I changed the port from 25 to 587 folowing
instructions on internet.
Called comcast again, still can't send mail, they don't support seamonkey.
Comcast said they do this to protect me from viruses.
They want me to use Outlook and Internet Explorer,
I say thats where all the viruses are received, thats why
I use seamonkey or thunderbird in linux. Still no help.
They don't support linux.
I put my problem on comcast & seamonkey newsgroups but
the users there are micro$oft brainwashed.
I can use seamonkey in win XP to send mail.
Comcast did something to prevent linux users from using seamonkey or
Perhaps someone at opensuse can help.