Subject: Yet Another Z80 Emulator by AG (final release 2.20)
with a MMU and CP/M 3.1

Hello CP/M and YAZE-AG friends,

What is YAZE-AG?
"Yet Another Z80 Emulator by AG" is an CPU-Emulator. Inside the Emulator
runs an original CP/M 3.1 (I use the BDOS3 replacement ZPM3N10 of Simeon Cran)
or the CP/M 2.2 replacement Superdos.

yaze-ag is designed to provide an exact simulation of the Z80 microprozessor
on a UNIX / Linux / FreeBSD / MacOS-X / Windows (Cygwin environment)
system. It is fast, emulates undocumented opcodes, and passes instruction
regression tests against real Z80 hardware.

NEW in yaze-ag-2.xx is the support of an emulated Memory Management Unit (MMU)
and the BIOS which supports CP/M 3.1 .


I release the next final release 2.20 of my Z80 Emulator after more than
two years.
The main differences to the previous version:

* support of serial lines. You can use CP/M software which
use the AUX device of CP/M 3, like kermit or rz/sz.
In the monitor you can connect "aux" to an device of
I test the connection with a real Z280 system (CPU280 by
Reh Design) and Linux/Windows.

* fix a severe bug when connecting (Unix-/Windows-)directories
to a CP/M drive.
(It's recommended to update to the new version 2.20!)

* I change/complete the install process (make install)
and the startup shell script "".

* I complete the documentation

You find the new release at

--> (new)

it's a redirect to the original web page


Windows user find the stand alone binaries on the web page.
(Please read the page for Windows to install the winbinaries
and the link "YAZE-AG.lnk"!)
You can start the Emulator by two ways.

An another way to find YAZE-AG is over google.[de|com]:

search for "Z80 emulator"
mostly it's the first or the second link in the result

The development continues ...

Best Regards
Andreas Gerlich
Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Andreas Gerlich
University of Ulm, Germany
Open Source Project "Yet Another Z80 Emulator by AG" -->
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