This might be interesting to owners of ATI cards. Quote:

Linux Proprietary Driver - Catalyst 8.5 Release: x86 and x86_64 variants

Driver version: 8.493

(1) Catalyst(amcccle) introduces Mipmap Detail, Catalyst A.I., and AA
Filters in 3D page.

(1) Support for video playback on the second head in dual head mode.
(2) Change VT no longer fails when kernel module is not loaded.
(3) Fixed display corruption in X when switching VT multiple times.
(4) The Preference page in Catalyst(amcccle) is now localized for all
supported languages.
(5) Fixed Google Earth issues when launched in horizontal mode or
running maximized.
(6) Fixed SPECViewperf segmentation fault with ATI FireGL V5100 series
product on SUSE 10.3 x86.
(7) Fixed SPECviewperf 8.1 64bit version issues on IGP systems.
(8) Fixed Maya 2008 issues when moving the render window.
(9) Fixed glxgears segmentation faults and corruption issues in big
destop mode.