I replaced a data disk on my old server with a bigger one.

Then I noticed these click's from time to time. Checking the status with
hdparm showed the disk was pinning down. Now, I might have played with
hdparm on the old disk, so I didn't worry.

With "hdparm -S 241 /dev/hdb", I set the timeout to 30 min.

But manual checks, and a cron'ed script, confirmed that the drive is
still spinning down after 2-3 min.

Even tried disabling it, with "hdparm -S 0 /dev/hdb". Heard the disk
spinning up. Looked at the logs:
18:39 active/idle
18:40 active/idle
18:41 standby

I went into yast to disable the Power managments options I could find for
spinning HD's down. No luck.

Any ideas, or places to look ?

I'm using SUSE 10.0, Kernel 2.6.13-15.18-default. The machine is a Compaq
Deskpro P-II 350 MHz, the disks are simple ATA. The HD was swapped out of my
main machine, I never noticed this behaviour in that machine.

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