On 2008-05-09, Theo v. Werkhoven wrote:
> The carbonbased lifeform miguel inspired alt.os.linux.suse with:
>> I want to start remote X sessions on the ubuntu pc with applications
>> running on the suse 10.3 server. When the ubuntu pc starts, it
>> already start the X server program with local gnome session. How do I
>> tell the ubuntu pc to start an remote session of the suse server; on
>> wikipedia they tell I should have
>> export DISPLAY=suseserver:0
>> But where ? On the tty1 of the ubuntu pc ? And do I have to stop the
>> local gnome session ? Or can I start a second graphical console
>> displaying the remote desktop ?
>> And what other actions do I have to take: on the suse ? on the
>> ubuntu ?

> Install FreeNX on the server and use knx on the Ubuntu client. Much
> faster, easier and more secure than X.

I'm using FreeNX, too. It's coming with openSUSE so it'll fit the OP's
need on the server side optimally
I have installation instructions on my pages here:

And I've always liked the original _client_ software better. It's
mentioned also in the instructions.
This time it's also better Since the OP is using Gnome on his client.

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