I have one linux machine wire-connected to the router and it
works fine.

The router (Zio-WLB5054AIP) is also configured to do wifi:

WiFi Operation: ON
SSID: default
Mode: G & b
Channel: 10
Region: USA/Canada
Broadcast SSID Option: checked
Authentification Type: Open System
Encryption Strenght: disable
Mac Authentification: disable

The portable (Toshiba A70) needs to be wifi, Yast detects the
onboard wirless modem card and ethernet card (can't say which is

Askey AR5212/AR5213 Multiprotocol MAC/baseband processor
IP AddressHCP

Toshiba America Info RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+
IP Address: Not configured

Yast also detects the D-Link (madwifi rpms are installed):

D-Link D-Link DWL-G650 (Rev B3,B5) Wireless cardbus adapter
IP Address: DHCP

I configure the D-Link as follows:

Page: Network Card Setup

Activate: On Cable connection
Firewall zone: External
Device Control (Kinternet): unchecked
MTU: 1492
Dynamic address: checked, DHCP selected.

Modeule Name: ath_pci (the only option)

...click on Next

Page: Wireless Network Card Configuration

Operating Mode: Managed
Network Name (ESSID): blank
Authentification Mode: No Envryption

... click Next

Page: Network Settings

(selected line defaulted out of D-Link to Askey AR.. !!!)

reselect D-Link

... click Finish


NO connection

Relauch Yast

Both Askey and D-Link Config/General/Firewall Zone
are back in "No Zone, All Traffic Blocked"

What else can I do?