I have put it in my site

This could be for all people who think they can not contribute, because
of lack of whatever skill. Put it on your website and that way you can

If you ever want to make such a thing yourself for other reasons (for
openSUSE best to use the default) it should not be that hard to do.

A little bit of scripting and you are on your way. This is bit extra on
the making of such a file. This is not how it is done, because I have no
knowledge of that. This is how _I_ would do it.

First you make a background. Like here the black with the openSUSE 11.0,
and the green block.
Next you decide on the text. Here you have several things to decide.
1) The counter
2) The text
3) The end

The counter is simple. You do the cout till 1
The text is where there is a difference between e.g. days and day.
The end is where the counter hits 0 or negative numbers.

So write a script that gives you the correct text and with gimp
scripting or easier with ImageMagic add the text to the image.

Now if you have this done for several languages, you make several
images and then configure your webserver in such a way that it looks at
the language that is set and produces the correct image.

This was written under the influence of the following:
| Artist : Santana
| Song : Just In Time To See The Sun
| Album : Caravanserai