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This is a discussion on AVI to DVD - Suse ; In the thread "Re: Suse 10.3 and DVD::RIP", Gilbert wrote:- >David > >I don't suppose you've got any handy hints about going the other way do you. >I need to convert from .avi to .mpg to burn to DVD because ...

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  1. AVI to DVD

    In the thread "Re: Suse 10.3 and DVD::RIP", Gilbert wrote:-

    >I don't suppose you've got any handy hints about going the other way do you.
    >I need to convert from .avi to .mpg to burn to DVD because I have an old
    >DVD player that won't handle DivX.

    I had one of those a while back. I replaced it with a new one that cost
    me something like 30 GBP (about 59 USD, or 40 Euros) and the new one
    handles a wide variety of formats, including reading DVD+RW, and also
    does Dolby 7.1 audio even though I don't need that feature. The only
    possible down side to it is that it's a region 2 only player, whereas
    the old player was region free.

    >At the moment I'm using
    >ffmpeg -i source.avi -target dvd output.mpg which isn't too bad. I was
    >wondering if things could be improved?

    It all depends on the source file. If your source has a frame rate of
    29.97 fps, I'd probably use:

    ffmpeg -i source.avi -target ntsc-dvd -sameq output.mpg

    If it's 25 fps, I'd use:

    ffmpeg -i source.avi -target pal-dvd -sameq output.mpg

    If the frame rate wasn't either of those target rates, I'm not sure
    which one I'd use. Most likely I would create samples using both pal-dvd
    and ntsc-dvd as the targets, and see which one looked better.

    If the source had frame rates of double, or half, the PAL or NTSC rates,
    e.g. 12.5, 14.98, 50 or 59.94 fps, I'd use the pal-dvd or ntsc-dvd

    Also, to try and minimise degradation due to another transcoding
    session, I always use -sameq. That uses the same video quality for the
    output as for the input.

    Beyond the above, I couldn't say as I rarely transcode from AVI to MPEG.
    My player handles xvids, so I don't actually need to do so.

    David Bolt

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  2. Re: AVI to DVD

    On Sat, 12 Apr 2008 14:55:54 +0100, Darklight wrote:

    > i have found one problem with avi files while you play them you can't
    > jump scenes as with a mpeg file plus i like to have menus if i burn
    > say a loadf series to one dvd. dvdstyler does this for me.

    > but then again i use avidemux to cut down mpeg files.

    Yeah that's a problem. Also you might have noticed that avi is sort of a
    generic term. There's Xvid avi and DivX avi for example.

    DivX is supposed to be sort of the leader of the pack here and Comcast
    is gonna roll out a 50MB/s connection in their area. They intend to
    serve up movies in DivX format.

    There is the latest iteration of DivX that is supposed to include
    chapters, subtitles, and so on (check the spec's online for precise
    details). One down thing about my player is that is supports the
    previous standard but the new format is backward compatible - You just
    won't be able to use the latest DivX features.

    > but ha still good to have command line commands for i had a problem with one
    > dvd, that the command line commands i got from this thread helped me to
    > solve.

    Yeah I really want to expand my video work under Linux. For one thing a
    Windows box is too sensitive. If you try to run a another app it might
    (and has for me) cause the encoding that's going on to have a "bad spot"
    in the video. It's the same old problem that M$ OS's have had for years
    - Each app likes to hog system resources.

    This weekend looks good for me to do some new stuff with Suse and video.
    I pretty much have it set up nice now, lots of fonts, etc. I just wish
    there was an easy way to change Gnomes' colors to what I'd like to have.

    Hmmm, dvdstyler, eh. That one has got to be added :-)

    Email - rsgibson@verizon.borg
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