My desktop computer, which is running openSUSE 10.3, recently (about 4 -
6 weeks ago) developed a problem during booting.

All is fine during the initial stages, but after the (Nvidia) graphics
drivers load I see the "x" mouse cursor for a short while, but then,
instead of the 2nd openSUSE splash screen appearing, the monitor switches
to the "powersave" mode and goes dark.

I can avoid this, if I keep moving the mouse while the graphics drivers
load, and of course, I only have to move the mouse after booting and the
monitor switches on.

However, it is a nuisance, especially if I have left the room, and my wife
comes in - sees the dark screen and presses the power button !

The computer is "triple boot" with 10.2 and XP also available, and both of
these boot without any sign of the problem.

Before this started to happen, the 10.3 installation had been booting
fine for several months.

Can anyone suggest what might fix this ?

Many thanks

Paul (W)