I'm not real sure this is even possible with Gnome seeing how I haven't
used it for years...Can I make a custom color scheme like I can in KDE?

Also is this menu system a Suse customization? Seems I remember it to be
different but truth be told I can't be sure.

There are three things I always do with KDE.

1) Set a "reverse" color scheme - Light text with a black background. I
have Magoo eyes and the contrast is better and reduces eye strain for me.
I found some prepackaged alternative schemes but the reverse scheme they
had is butt ugly. Google returned this as it's first hit...

"Gnome-Theme-Manager to Support Color Scheme Customization Linux FUD
Gnome Theme Manager to Support Color Scheme Customization One thing
lacking in Gnome is the ability to change the color scheme of your chosen
theme. ..."

Any way around this?

2) Hotkeys: I prefer konsole and while I can set a hotkey for
Gnome-Terminal, I can't for Konsole, my preferred X terminal.

3) Menu Editor: So far I can't find one for Gnome. This might be related
to the menu issue.

I might be looking and not seeing so if someone knows better give me a
shout please...


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