Nikos Chantziaras wrote:

Nice trolling attempt considering Novell. This has been discussed before
and I am not going over it again.

Concerning KDE and GNOME:
When you run one, a puppy is killed. With the other a kitten is killed.
Both are loved by children. Why does nobody think of the children?

Another proof is that if you search for "KDE is evil" you only get 18
hits on Google. "Gnome is evil" only gets 18. This means that the KDE
and GNOME people are activaly looking for sites and take them out.

There is much more clear proof, but I doubt that humanity is ready to
face that amount of truth. I am sure that they take out a lot of
critisism (and you know who I mean with 'they'). Let's see how much they
keep of this 240 lines posting.

They are afraid of the truth. Just more proof that KDE and GNOME are
pure evil.

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