This is about the output zypper gives me, not what it does as such

The zypper update I use is `zypper -q up -y -t patch --skip-interactive`
When I run it in a terminal, I do get a nice message saying something
root@penne : zypper -q up -y -t patch --skip-interactive
* Reading repository 'Education:desktop' cache
* Reading repository 'openSUSE-10.3-Updates' cache
* Reading repository 'Packman Repository' cache

However when I do it with crontab, I get something like and that is because of both the
thing that goes \|/- and the percentage.

Obviously that is not something I want to see in an email and here it
looks good. In my emailprogram, everything after [2K is on the same

So is there anything I can do to prevent this kind of output and just
get the reporting, or is it something I have to take to bugzilla?


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