Toshiba Sat-1400 256RAM, just in case anyone might be interested
& googling for solutions.

The short of the long (an afternoon's worth) is that I had to

- append brokenmodules=pata_ali in the kernel appends

- select kernel safe-mode

- assign a swap "file" instead of a swap partition and this
file had to go on a preformatted non-swap partition that
is not targetted for installation. Assigning a swap partition
prepared or not, big or small, only resulted in the disk lite
blinking like a turn signal until rebooted. Assigning a swap
file on the target partition is mishandled and leads to ultimate

Can't figure this one because the first attempt went alright
(with the same prior constraints) and with a swap partition
assigned at the top of the disk. What changed between install-1
and almost-noinstall-2 was that swap was moved down from top of
disk to 3rd below and the install target was split 3 ways /,
/usr/, and /usr/share.

The problem seems to begin with linuxrc backing into ncurses
to set a swap partition but then accesing the swap partition
bombs and sends the process into a loop of continous trying.

A royal pain all around. If these are known bugs why not
fix the installation iso images?

Other observations:

The Abort Button is too often dead, not continously polled
I quess.

The partitioning module reverts to disk-by-id even if
device-name is commanded. Need to reedit from final
overview dialog to make it take.