Perhaps some people might be interested in how I read my mails over ssh.

At home I use wmbiff to see all different mailboxes I have on my PC. I
filter them with procmail. The issue I had was that when I wanted to
read my mails remotely, I did not see which one was having new messages.

So now I have the follwoing program/script.

What it does is look first at /var/spool/$user and next at all mails in
the directory ~/Mail, yet not in the subdirectories. It looks for the
mailbox that has unread messages and then lauches a mutt -f on that

Obviously you can use any program for this.

There is one flaw in it. The standard postfix does not do any changes,
so if you have a mail that has domethin like:
From me to you:
It will miscount.

The way to change this is to change some small parameter in the postfix.
So the file /etc/postfix/ reads now:

procmail unix - n n - - pipe
flags=R user=nobody argv=/usr/bin/procmail -Y -t -m /etc/procmailrc ${sender} ${recipient}

I have just added the -Y

This should change the above line with the From, although it does not
affect existing mails. I personaly have edited those 3 mails or so in
the few thousand I do have.

So now I just log in over ssh and run `cm` for check mail and get
something like:
houghi@penne : cm
Changes for the mailbox houghi:
Mailbox is unchanged.

Changes for the mailbox root:
0 kept, 1 deleted.

No more new messages.

And bothe the word houghi and root (and any other mailbox) is in blue.
As it is looking not in the subdirectories, things I do not want to
check regularly, I put in a subdirectory, like spam or backups or

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