On this old Thinkpad 600e which ran well on SUSE 9.1, I decided to switch
over to the latest version of the OS. However, the battery indicator is
not functioning and searching online sources has turned up no solution.
The "messages" that I think are of interest here are "...Powernow_k8:
Unknown symbol acpi_processor_notify_smm" and 9 others with similar
wording. There is also the indication "Screen Saver and DPMS - not
supported" under the KPowersave Settings Menu.

The battery monitor used to work under SUSE 9.1. Is there a way to go retro
on the monitoring service only so that I can keep up with the Latest SUSE?
This is a fresh installation on a different HD, so going back to 9.1 is (
almost ) instantaneous.

Any help is appreciated.

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