I just recently switch from Kubuntu to Suse Enterprise Linux 10.
I've run into a small problem registering repositories.
I can't seem to use the rpm command to do so.

I've setup proxy communications using Yast and tested it successfully.
When I use the rpm command, it fails:
douglas@jasper:~$ rpm --import http://packman.unixheads.com/suse/10...y-1abd1afb.asc
error: http://packman.unixheads.com/suse/10...-1abd1afb.asc:
import read failed(-1).

I can use the wget command line and the proxy works well:
douglas@jasper:~$ wget http://download.videolan.org/pub/vlc...repomd.xml.key
=> `repomd.xml.key'
Connecting to connected.
Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 2,856 (2.8K) [application/pgp-keys]
100%[====================================>] 2,856 --.--K/
(2.92 MB/s) - `repomd.xml.key' saved [2856/2856]

douglas@jasper:~$ sudo rpm --import repomd.xml.key
root's password:
douglas@jasper:~$ rpm --import http://packman.unixheads.com/suse/10...y-1abd1afb.asc

QUESTION: Is there something I can do to get rpm to use the proxy or
must I use the wget work-around?