Sounds like a permissions or security issue.

I don't know what level of samba setup automation there is in later SuSE
distros. One thing you have to do though is create an encrypted
password. Have a look at the usage of smbpasswd and set it up.

You may be accessing the samba shares as a guest or anonymous user. You
were no doubt prompted for a username/password when you tried to access
the share? If not or you used wrong credentials you may not be logged in
as a valid user. (This does of course depend on how smb.conf is configured)

Access permissions are a function of parameters in your smb.conf and
those of the Linux filesystem. ie if you login as a regular user under
Linux you can change/write etc anywhere in your home directory but
generally only read elsewhere. The same roughly applies to the samba
setup and the remote client when accessing your Linux box.


Sebastian wrote:
> Thanks for your reply! The big problem I'm having is that I can "see" my
> linux box in windows, but I can't access any files at all.