Sebastian wrote:
> [...]
> Thanks for your reply! The big problem I'm having is that I can "see" my
> linux box in windows, but I can't access any files at all. So I'm not sure
> what I need to do to access a file from linux in windows. I can, however,
> access windows shared folders from linux. E.g., I can copy a file from my
> windows computer to my linux computer on the linux computer. But I can't
> copy a file from my linux computer to my windows computer on the windows
> computer.

I was never able to set it up in Windows either. Online guides
mentioned something about adding "WINS server to the TCP/IP settings of
your Ethernet connection, configure NetBIOS" and other stuff but I never
got it working.

In the end, I simply used the WinSCP utility to transfer files from
Windows to the Linux box (it's like FTP but you have full access to the
real filesystem and you login though SSH on the Linux box on port 22
with your normal Linux username/password).