My 10.2 installs I allways did using a pxe server providing me a menu
at which I chose the desired os and then it started with a line
similar to this one:

(this is located in my /pxelinux.cfg/default file)

label 4
kernel suse/pro-10.3/dvd/boot/i386/loader/linux
append vga=791 initrd=suse/pro-10.3/dvd/boot/i386/loader/initrd
ramdisk_size=65536 load_ramdisk=1 instmode=http netdevice=eth0
server= serverdir=/inst/suse/pro-10.3/dvd

for 10.2 installs this works flawlessly. Not 10.3.... it stops when
the first setup starts, even before graphical yast starts.
see pictures at
http://nicali.nl/t/1.jpg shows the menu and the first few lines of the
kernel being loaded (from that repo)
http://nicali.nl/t/2.jpg is the big bad error
http://nicali.nl/t/3.jpg is the + output at the same time
(the "looking for cd:/" is my problem i reckon)
http://nicali.nl/t/4.jpg is proof that my path exists (the one meant
in the line above)

I also tried cd's first but have the same error.
the instruction "instmode etc etc " seems to be ignored completely...

the only thing i found on the novell site was
and that is definitely not sufficient.

anyone an idea of what could be changed? thanks in advance!

best regards,