Running Novell Suse Enterprise Desktop 10.1 on IBM Thinkpad T40.

Could not get the display to pipe to the external monitor using fn
f7. Fixed this by setting the bios display to VGA+Lcd rather than
just Lcd. Display now appears on the external monitor(Compaq WF1907)
instead of lcd but fn f7 is still not working.

Could not get a bluetooth connection between the base unit
and the wireless remote. The led on on the base was active but the
led on the
remote was dead. The kvm worked when connected to each
individually and I could flick from the Windows lappy to the linux
lappy using
the flip software I downloaded but could not flick back to the windows
because there is no software available for Linux. Turned out it was a
battery installation issue.

"When I first put it together I slid the bettery in wrong. It took me
a call
to Belkin Tech support to find that out as there is no illustration of
tricky manouver in the instructions. In fact there is no mention at
all. The
problem was that there are2 prongs on one edge that need to come up
over the
top. I had pressed the down with the original insertion. The TS guy
helped me
work this out.".

The KVM works quiet well with Suse and Vista. I have not hit any of
the other problems listed by the other posters.