I have setup ZoneMinder on a 10.3 system that works well with Provideo
PV-134 cards (4 inputs each) with no setups in either /etc/modprobe.conf or
with Yast.

I'm trying to make use of one or more Kodicom 4400R cards (4 to 16 inputs
each). In order to get a /dev/videoX input from one card, I have to set
them up in Yast > Hardware > TVcards. The set up goes well and is active
until I reboot. After a reboot I have to use Yast again to redo the
configuration - is has not gone away, but just doesn't create
the /dev/video links to the card. Setting up a line in /etc/modprobe.conf
that is proper for these cards does not do anything to make them work.

What is happening so that Yast does not store the setup and reuse it on
reboot? It does for everything else, and this is something where the
system MUST recover fully and start running effectively after any reboot.
The system will be on a UPS conditioned power line, but that may not hold
up more than a few hours.

And trying to set them up the first time reminded me of another issue with
Yast. With these cards (video input only - no tuners) it first attempts to
search for tv channels coming through the card (before you can specify the
card type). And it get locked up in a perpetual loop where it is waiting
for input that cannot ever be available.
Abort and close are totally ignored (as in lots of other places in Yast).
It should allow a keyboard interrupt (or a timer) to break it out of the
infinite loop.