I'm trying to launch a webapp using tomcat5.5, apache2.2.4, and oracle xe.

I've got everything installed correctly...I think !

The application installer (Adempiere ERP/CRM) looked like everything went
o.k. When I open the tomcat home page I get the default page. I want to
use the webapp (Compiere) but can't seem to figure out how to 'launch' it.
I checked that:

1. Apache works (http://localhost)
2. Tomcat works (http://localhost:8083)
3. OracleXE works (http://localhost:8080)
4. The Adempiere install installed the Adempiere package to:


as it should.. So everything seems to be in place.

1. How do I start this web application ??
2. How do I modify tomcat-users.xml to access 'Tomcat Administration'. I
tried to modify this file manually but it didn't seem to allow me to login
anyway.. Is there some default value to use the first time ??

Any help will be appreciated. In the mean time I'll try continuing my
search on line, in the docs, hacking, etc...