Hi All,

Just when I thought I had the openSUSE firewall script tamed I run
into a challenge. I have forwarding work for a single port but I
can't get it to work for additional ports. What I have setup is a two
interface firewall with two IP address bound to the external interface
and two computers behind the internal interface ( and

FW_FORWARD="0/0,,0/0 0/0,,0/0"

This works to forward remote desktop connections:

FW_FORWARD_MASQ="0/0,,tcp,3389 0/0,,tcp,3389"

When I modify the above line by replacing 3389 with 80 or 443 the
connection to both computers will work on that port.

What I really want it to forward HTTP, HTTPS AND RDP.

What is the correct syntax to make this work? I have tried both lines
below with no progress.

FW_FORWARD_MASQ="0/0,,tcp,3389 0/0,,tcp,80
0/0,,tcp,443 0/0,,tcp,3389
0/0,,tcp,80 0/0,,tcp,443"

FW_FORWARD_MASQ="0/0,,tcp,80,443,3389 0/0,,tcp,

Thanks in advance