On Nov 9, 2:03 pm, Bob Campbell wrote:
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> Peter Kohlmann wrote:
> > Bob Campbell wrote:

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> > > chrisv wrote:

> > >> Why are you replying with a cross-post, hypocrite?

> > > Why are you?

> > > Bob Campbell

> > Hilarious

> > Yes, you CSMA Mac users have rightfully deserved to be viewed as mentally
> > challenged

> Whereas COLA Linux Loonies are just mental.
> Bob Campbell

Mentally deranged social outcasts are COLA Linux Loonies.
You could put them all together and collectively they would still be a
few nuts short of a full can.

Comp.Os.Linux.Advocacy has got to be the most hysterical newsgroup on
Nothing else even comes close and the funniest part is that some of
these COLA freaks are so far off the deep end that they actually
believe people admire them and that their work here in COLA is
Nothing could be further from the truth.

They are fun to watch, laugh at and learn from.
Learn from you say?
Glad you asked!
Observing these COLA nuts is a sure fire way to see what happens to
decent people when they become obsessed with Linux.
Linux rots your brain.

Roy Schestowitz, Mark Kent, [H]omo, High Plains Humper and the rest of
the gang are the poster for why you shouldn't use Linux much like Ozzy
Osbourne is the poster child for saying no to drugs.

My advice is to sit back and enjoy the show!