On Tue, 6 Nov 2007, Chris Cox wrote:-

>Hmmm... not sure. I know that a really pared down SUSE can
>fit easily into 500M, but that's without graphics. 2.2G seems
>large without OpenOffice, etc. installed.

2.2GB is about what a default KDE install would use.

>Would think that it might
>be 1.5G or less (just don't hold me to that).

Bad news. I'm going to hold you to it. The good news is that personal
experience shows that's also the right amount:


>So I think your
>value of 73% is accurate. Just hope openSUSE 10.3's dependency
>mgmt is up to snuff (which I will openly question).

It's not fscked up that badly on my 32bit x86 system.

As for the 32bit PPC system, if/when someone sorts out the RPM
dependencies so they don't end up pulling in a huge number of
incompatible 64bit packages, I'd say the same. Unfortunately, at the
moment the 32bit packages still "depend" on the 64 bit packages, and so
it fscks up the package management and makes using the updater a very
dangerous, and system destroying, prospect.

David Bolt

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