updating to SuSE Linux 10.3 I observed a change in the library libstdc+
- the version of the compatibility libstdc++ is updated from 2.8 to
- The label __eh_pc is not present any more.
This label was added to the library be the gcc until version 2.8.1
and is removed now
The dynamic linker noticed that when starting the uvscan virus scan
program from McAfee / NAI.

- Will there be a library with this label in from SuSE ?
- May I use the library present in SuSE linux 10.2 ?
- Is there a uvscan known which does not depend on this library ?
I have read this on the web but on my cd seams to be another one.
- Is there any way to avoid installing the old gcc and rebuild the old
libstd++.so ?

A constant thank you to the whole SuSE team !

Thank you in advance,